Ace - Polished Silver 80 AF1 Hollow Skateboard Trucks
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    Venture - Cash Only Hi 5.6 Skateboard Trucks
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      Slappy - ST1 Inverted Hollow 8.5 Skateboard Trucks
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        Find the Perfect Skateboard Trucks for Your Ideal Ride

        When it comes to trucks, we have brought you the best variety of quality trucks from the most reliable skate brands in the industry. A key component in the process of building your own skateboard, trucks determine the stability of your board, help to avoid wheel bite, and affect the way you ride your custom complete.

        This part of the journey all starts with choosing the right trucks to ensure you are building the right board for you. To help you along, we have found the best trucks on the market from top skating brands like Independent, Thunder, Ace, and Tensor.

        Some tips from OCD that might be of use when choosing your trucks:

        1. The axle you choose should approximately line up with the sides of your board, choose one that is about the same width. This will help keep your board more stable. 

        2. A hollow kingpin might be lighter, but a solid one is more durable for more heavy impact tricks. 

        3. Choose a softer bushing for easy turning, and a harder one for stiff turning.

        4. Your trucks should be loose enough that you don’t need to tic-tac to avoid obstacles, and tight enough that the kingpin doesn’t fall out. But other than that, have a play around with how tight you like your bushings to be - it is a personal preference!

        If you need more information about choosing and maintaining the right trucks for you, have a read of OCD’s guide to choosing the right trucks.