Skateboard Trucks


One of the most crucial parts of your board is the trucks you choose to ride on. OCD has the best selection of top-notch skate trucks to make sure your board can handle all your turns, ollies and grinds. 

Support your board with the best skateboard trucks

While the wheels and deck may get more love and styling, trucks probably play one of the most critical roles for the board. These axles need to be sturdy enough to support your craziest tricks and keep you rolling along the pavement, while being light enough to handle airtime. Here at OCD, we offer only the best brands and strongest trucks to keep your board supported. Besides strength, we provide trucks in plenty of styles and colours to help elevate your board design.

Get your skate trucks from a local skate shop

OCD Skate Shop is invested in and passionate about the Aussie skate scene. Being from Melbourne, we proudly offer only the best products for skaters available online in Australia.

Trust OCD to provide the highest quality skate decks to ensure your board has the best support while riding. Need more information on our skate decks? Get in touch!