Skateboard Wheels


Skateboard wheels play a vital role, not just in your skating experience, but also the look and feel of your board. Here at OCD, we provide the highest quality wheels to keep you riding and grinding.

Choose the wheel that fits your needs and style

Wheels are the most critical part of your board. Without them, you’re going nowhere. We offer plenty of options and styles to help you find the perfect skateboard wheels that fit both your style and performance needs. 

Larger wheels will offer a smoother ride, while smaller ones give you an advantage with turns and tricks. Whether you need various sizes or specific textures, OCD will provide you with the very best in skateboard wheels and accessories.

Since colour and customisation is just as important as texture and styling, we offer plenty of brands, colours and patterns to fit your style. We want to help you be the envy of your local skate park and have the best options available for your board. 

Whether it’s style or function, OCD will help you find the best option to keep you skating with style and confidence.

Get your wheels from a shop that knows Aussie skaters

At OCD Skate Shop, we take skating seriously. Being from Melbourne, we pride ourselves on supplying skateboarders with the best skate products and offer some of the best gear available.

OCD provides the best skateboard wheels and can help you find the right fit for your board. Want to know more about the wheels we offer? Get in touch today.