It’s time to choose your wheels!

Arguably the most important part of your skateboard building experience because let’s face it, without them, you’re going nowhere.

Whether its wheels for cruisin’ the streets, gnarly tricks in the park, or even just wheels with whacky designs, OCD Skate Shop has got you covered.

Size, shape, and firmness are all features of skateboard wheels that will need to match the style of skating you prefer, and will have an impact on the stability and manoeuvrability of your board. 

For street/park skating, you are looking for a wheel size of around 50-60mm in diameter. These harder wheels are fast, lightweight, and slide easily, making them the perfect choice for technical tricks.

If you are looking to cruise around the streets on your board, 54-60mm sized wheels are where it’s at. These larger, softer wheels offer a smoother ride and allow for more control for those who use their boards to travel.  

OCD brings you a wide range of wheels to suit all your skating needs from the top skating brands around the world like Bones, Spitfire, Rictor, and OJ.

Still unsure? Check out our guide to choosing wheels for your board or pop into our store and get the low down from one of our highly knowledgeable staff members!