OCD Skate Shop offers Australia's largest range of decks from top skate brands, featuring iconic artwork and gnarly graphics. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our custom options and guide make building your board exciting. Explore various decks tailored to your style.

Discover Australia's Largest Range of Skate Decks at OCD Skate Shop

Whether you’re just starting out on your skateboarding journey, or a you’re seasoned pro, building a board from scratch is one of the most enjoyable (and daunting) aspects of being a skater. 

 Building a board that has been tailored to your taste, style, and riding preferences can make a world of difference to your ride. And the best part about it? A fully customisable build means that the design opportunities are endless. 

Choose from our wide range of decks in different colours, sizes, and shapes, that are suited to skaters from all walks of life and any skill level. We have decks to suit all kinds of tastes and terrains, including park/street decks, old school decks, cruiser decks and shaped decks.

No matter who you are, choosing the right deck for you is imperative to building a board suited to your preferred skating style. If you’re a daredevil who loves performing gnarly tricks, a shortboard is for you. If you are looking for something to cruise around the streets on, check out our range of cruisers. Or if you’re into carving up the streets with old school vibes, you will find your board in our range of old school decks. 

For those brave enough to build a board from the ground up, OCD Skate Shop has brought you the finest decks, trucks, wheels, and bolts from the top skating brands to give you the best options to choose from. 

 Make sure you get the right board for you by having a look at our guide to building a skateboard, which has all the information you need if you are building a board for the first time.