10" Plus Griptape

Stick to your board with our 10-Inch Plus Skateboard Griptape

Grip tape is a special piece of sandpaper that adds footing to your skate deck, allowing you to do more tricks without the fear of losing your board. By using ten-inch griptape, you can easily tape your board and cover the entire width of the deck using one roll. OCD offers a great selection of ten-inch griptape with various brands, designs and grit available.

Trust your local skate store to keep you supported

OCD Skate Store takes pride in being a local Aussie skate company and offers the best products available online. Our selection of 10-inch plus griptape will keep your feet secured to your board and allow you to enjoy skating more and worrying about falling off less. Want to learn more about the 10-inch griptapes we have available? Get in touch today.


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