Street/Park Completes

Kick-flip and grind with one of our Street & Park Skateboards

Street & Park Skateboards are the go-to boards for both newbies learning to skate and more advanced skaters looking to perform tricks. These boards are incredibly versatile and have many customisation options available. Differing from the wider pointed style of classic skateboards, these uniform, straight edge boards can slice, grind and do most tricks with ease.

Whether you’re looking to cruise the pavement or want to pull airtime at the skate park, these boards won’t let you down.

Choose an Aussie skate store for your next board

We have the best options for your next board with plenty of sizes, brands, and designs to choose from, so you’ll find whatever you’re looking for with ease. 

If you’re searching for a new Street & Park skateboard, let OCD help find the board of your dreams. Want to learn more about the boards we offer? Get in touch today!