Skate Tools

Skate tools are your go-to solution for any board issues

Skate tools are handy multipurpose tools that are similar to a Swiss Army knife. These pocket tool sets are great as they combine many of the tools skateboard hardware requires into a handheld device, making it very portable. Skate tools are very useful as they allow you to tighten screws, repair threads, change grip tape and much more. These tools may become your best friend if you encounter issues with your board and are far from home or a skate shop and need to make repairs. Our collection of skate tools have plenty of options allowing you to find the perfect tool kit in terms of size and even colour.

Trust OCD to keep your board in shape

Just as you put trust into your tools to keep your board in top condition, trust your Aussie skate store to provide the best products. We only offer the best selection available online, since we’re skaters ourselves. Our skateboard tools have what it takes to fix any issue and get you back to enjoying your time out cruising. Want to learn more about the skate tools we offer? Get in touch with us today.