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    Keep your board together with kingpins from OCD Skate Shop

    The kingpin is a crucial piece of hardware on your board connecting the baseplate (static area connected to the deck) and the hangar (part of the trucks that move and are grindable). If these nuts are not tight, your board risks coming apart while riding and could pose a serious risk. OCD offers a great selection of kingpin nuts with great prices to keep your board secure and solid for all the abuse you put it through. 

    Trust the experts to keep your board in top condition

    Being a part of the Aussie skate scene, OCD Skate Shop is proud to offer nothing but the best products online and has the expertise to help you create the perfect board. Our selection of kingpins will keep your board secure and safe for any tricks and air time you perform. Want to know more about our skateboard kingpins? Get in touch today.