Girl - Sean Malto 93 Til 8.0 Complete Skateboard
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    High quality complete skateboards to make the start of your skating journey as seamless as possible. 

    Brand new at skating and just looking to see if it’s for you? We recommend you try out one of our complete boards. OCD has brought you the biggest names, with the most interesting artwork, and the highest quality on the market. And to make it even easier, all boards come pre-assembled with quality trucks, wheels, bearings and griptape.


    Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, choose a complete board to suit your skating style perfectly.

    Whether you are looking to cruise the streets or punch out some kick flips, OCD has a quality complete board for you. 

    If your focus is design, some of the gnarliest artwork in the industry comes from Welcome, Globe, or Impala. If you are looking for simpler, more classic designs, Baker, Element, and Santa Cruise are where it's at.

    To make sure you’re getting the right board for your preferred skating style, check out our size guide. And if you still need help, visit us in store and we will show you the ropes.