Black Griptape

Get a grip with OCD Skate Shop’s black grip tape

Every skater knows that having a good grip on your board is essential. Griptape is special sandpaper that is glued to the top of your skateboard deck and provides more friction between the board and your feet, giving you a better grip. This allows you to have a more secure footing and gives you the ability to perform more tricks without the risk of losing your board. OCD has plenty of great black grip tape options that blend into your board’s natural top colour and keeps you securely connected to your board.

Choose the right support

OCD Skateshop takes skating seriously as we’re skaters ourselves and only offer the best productions available online. Our range of black grip tape will keep you safe while riding and allow you to be more daring with your tricks. Want to learn more about what black grip tape products we carry? Get in touch with us today.