Pad Sets


Impala - Protective Pack Pad Set Black



187 - Lizzie Armanto Six Pack Pad Set



187 - Adult Six Pack Pad Set Black


Urban Skater

Urban Skater - Tri Pack Pad Set Pink


Urban Skater

Urban Skater - Tri Pack Pad Set Black


Triple 8

Triple 8 - Street 2 Pack Pad Set Black


Get the best padding to support and protect you while skating

Skateboarding can be an intense sport, especially if a fall is involved. It’s important to keep your body protected from any damage by ensuring you have the proper pads and safety equipment. OCD has a large selection of pads that provide durability and support for your body. With a range of styles and colours available, you can find the perfect option that keeps you safe while looking sweet when on your board.

Choose the right store to keep you protected

OCD is proud to provide Australian skaters with the best safety equipment available online. Our range of pads packs durability, comfort and protection together to give you great support for a great price. Want to learn more about the pads we offer online? Get in touch with us today.