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Mini Logo - Set of 8 Truck Axle Washers
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    Keep your board’s bushings protected with our skate washers

    Skate washers are tiny pieces of hardware that sit on the kingpin and provide protection for your bushing. This can help maintain the life of your bushings and prevent them from prematurely wearing down, thus protecting your trucks. OCD has a great selection of washers that fit your needs and are durable enough to take on the stress your board brings.

    Trust the Aussie skate store

    OCD takes skating seriously as we’re local skaters ourselves based in Melbourne. We pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best online products available and are confident that we can help you build the board of your dreams. Our selection of washers will help keep your trucks supported and your board gliding smoothly along the street. Want to learn more about the washers we have available? Get in touch today.