Clear Griptape

Keep your board looking natural while protected with our clear griptape

Every skater knows that griptape is an essential part of the board. While there are many colours and design options, many want their board to look as original as possible while being protected. OCD has a great range of clear griptape to help give you a natural look and keep your feet firmly connected to your board. Griptape is special sandpaper that provides friction between your shoes and the deck, giving you more footing while skating. OCD offers a great selection of clear grip tapes that give you a natural look or a creative element with clear edges to personalise your board.

Keep your board looking fresh and clean

Being a local Australian skate store, OCD takes pride in offering nothing but the best skate gear available online. Our range of clear griptape allows you to keep your board in mint condition while giving you support during tricks. Want to learn more about the clear grip tape we carry? Get in touch with us.


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