Wrist & Ankle Guards

Pro Tec

Pro Tec - Street Wrist Guards Camo


Triple 8

Triple 8 - Wristsaver Black



187 - Wrist Guards


Keep your wrists protected with OCD’s wrist guards

Your wrists are a high impact part of your body and if left unprotected can cause you serious pain during a fall. Landing the right way could result in your wrist becoming fractured, leaving you in the hospital and out of action for at least a few weeks. OCD offers a great selection of wrist guards that provide support and keep your wrist protected during a fall or crash.

The right choice makes the difference in keeping your wrist safe

OCD is proud to offer nothing but the best safety gear available online. Our range of wrist guards give you the best protection alongside great comfort and durability. You can trust that you have the best protection, allowing you to skate with confidence knowing you’re safe with OCD. Want to learn more about the wrist guards we have available? Get in touch with us today.