About Us

About us

For over a decade, we have strived to be a skate shop for
ALL. Whether your thing is the latest brands, sticking with the old school
classics, or just starting out and need advice - we have you covered.

All our staff are passionate about what we do and share the
love of skateboarding.

Thanks for the love

"The only place worth looking at for all skateboard needs"

"The best Australian online skate shop by a mile"

"Great store filled with wicked employees who actually get us, rad work"

"Best environment in the shop, always so helpful and and have so much stock compared to other shops, overall favourite online store"

"You guys kill it. Hands down the best skate shop in Australia."

"The guy knew his oldskool and that meant everything keep rocking."

"Keep up the rad work dudes - you guys are the best skate shop in Australia"

"You guys are the only online skate shop that I use because you have everything!"

"You guys are the sickest skate shop your staff are soo nice and easy to understand"

"Fast shipping and great online shopping experience"

"You stock so many brands that others don’t which is rad!"

"Excellent variety of boards and gear. I’m a very satisfied customer."