Kendall Jägermeister Reissue 10.18in x 30.991in

Jeff Kendall Jägermeister Reissue Cruz Missile II concave deck featuring spot matte and metallic OG graphics on black stained veneers and fully authorized Santa Cruz X Jägermeister top graphic.

Roskopp Face Three Reissue 9.933in x 30.807in

Rob Roskopp Face Three Re-issue Old School deck featuring re-envisioned graphics by @jimbophillips, based on the original Face 2 art of Jim Phillips, with classic neon spot gloss graphic on natural bottom veneer and newly replicated OG shape.

Toyoda Reissue 10.4in x 30.2in

Toyoda Mitsugu Reissue Old School deck. This never been re-issued SC Pro Series deck features newly replicated OG shape with classic spot gloss graphics on full dip white.

O'Brien Reaper Reissue 9.84in x 30.05in

Corey O'Brien Reissue Old School deck featuring spot matte graphics on brown stained veneers. OG never re-issued colourway.

Available June 2024