Being around the same age, I always looked up to Paul since he was coming up in the City Stars video. Always loved the Guy Mariano reference song in his part, which in hindsight was a ballsy move, but he definitely delivered. He was the new wonder kid to take skateboarding to the next level. Ever since, he's been a huge inspiration, and even to this day, seeing his new footage makes me want to go out and skate. I was hyped to find out the lyrics of the James Brown song, that was sampled in Nas - Get Down, his song in Yeah Right: "Paid the cost to be the boss". Those words fit Paul perfectly, as he's running Primitive, where he and his team are on the forefront of the progressive skating he pioneered. Thanks to all the filmers: Heath Brinkley Scuba Steve Dario Rezk Ty Evans Ewan Bowman Kevin Perez Spanish Mike Allan Hannon Alex Kissinger Kyle Steneide