Help Save Australias only MegaRamp!

You may have seen the petition recently to save Australia's only MegaRamp, or be one of 5000 people who signed it.
This is a private facility for Australia's elite BMX and Skateboard Riders plus a few lucky up and coming stars that are invited to the Megaranch.

The mega ramp was built over five years ago on private land with money solely provided from the owner Pete Wilson, and built by a team of volunteers that had a vision of riding a mega ramp, (a ramp that only existed in one other location on the planet when the ramp was first started)
Peter the owner of the MegaRamp is a professional athlete in an entirely different sport and very passionate about helping Athletes to pursue their dreams. He is following a dream to make something amazing for others, for the good of Australian skateboarding and bmx. 

The Megaranch is a non profit venture to provide a pathway for Australian athletes to fully reach their potential and excel at the X Games.

It is not a commercial venture, it's a backyard ramp.

Pete's goal of nurturing skateboard milestones on a megaramp was realized last year when Tas Pappas achieved the first Aussie 900 last Anzac Day at the farm.

Although the megaramp is not loud or disruptive and is on a private farm, there are a few people on a dedicated campaign to close the MegaRamp.

Local government have approved and supported the mega ramp, but the people on a mission to shut the mega ramp down have decided they will fight the council decision at the VCAT court.
We are asking for any donations to save the Megaramp.

Even very small amounts are appreciated!