"We’re proud to present Buffer, a 7-minute video from Sirus F Gahan and the adidas UK crew to coincide with our ‘What’s your excuse?’ article featured in the latest issue. Like the print piece, it looks back on Cameron Gooden, Jarrad Carlin, Jake Snelling, Adam Delarue, Darius Trabalza, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Tristan Rudman, Louie Jones, Jake Royal and Benny Fairfax’s recent trips to Split, Gran Canaria and Manchester as well as all the missions they’ve been going on in London over the past few months! Filmed by Sirus F Gahan, Hold Tight Henry, Austin Bristow, Grant Dawson, Adam Todhunter and Jack Brooks. Edited by Sirus F Gahan." - Free Skate Mag