VOTE MELBOURNE! - Vans Go Skateboarding Day

23/07/15 9:42 AM

Every year for Go Skateboarding Day, Vans Australia have constructed a stand out obstacle to hold a best trick event on and each year the skaters look forward to getting their Vans GSD tee and skating the obstacle. Previously it was a picnic table, a jersey barrier, and grinder box/manual pad. Each obstacle resembled something you would find and skate out on the streets. This year when the DIY opportunity came about, Vans Australia wanted to create something different something that you can’t find out on the streets. Then bang, a skate-able sidestripe came to mind, iconic to Vans is the sidestripe and this sidestripe is skate-able, slide-able, grind-able, flip-able, wallie-able and launch-able obstacle. The best this about the sidestripe is its caters to all kinds of skaters with different skill levels. The little kids pump and jumped all day, while the best guys flipped, slid and grinded the whole thing. Add some black and white paint with a touch of red and you will be seeing Old Skools all day long.

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