In the late 80's skateboarding was booming and Powell Peralta and Vision skateboards seemed like they were too huge to fail. Around this time Steve Rocco was being let go from Sims skateboards (owned by Brad Dorfman) and decided to start his own board brand. In 1989, Mark Gonzales jumped ship from Vision skateboards (also owned by Dorfman) and started his own brand under the world umbrella. He decided to call his company Blind skateboards, a not so subtle dig at Brad Dorfman's Vision skateboards. 

Their first team rider was now famous actor Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl, Mall Rats, Almost Famous) who came over from the World Industries team to help launch the brand. After that, they stole Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano from Powell Peralta. This led to Powell launching an attack add on smaller brands, which Rocco felt was aimed directly at him, seeing how he was one of the only small brands around at the time. Rocco decided to shoot back and let out this now famous "Dear George" add. The add shows Johnson, Lee & Gonz all standing holding their new Blind pro models, each ripping off a Powell Peralta graphic. 

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Tommy Fynn | The PUSH Part

14/11/17 10:09 AM

Tommy Fynn's unbridled enthusiasm, practiced communication, and progressive skating have set him apart over the past few years, and it's all paid off with this groundbreaking PUSH Fynn-ale. How he managed to keep some of these clips a secret, we'll never know.

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The Wino G6 Slip-On builds upon the original WINO G6, infusing it with G6 PU insole for first-rate cushioning, double wrapped vulc construction for more board feel, and Emerica’s fit-heel anchor system. The Indicator High is a true high top with a rubber toecap, vulc construction, and our Triangle Tread outsole.

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Independent Trucks are proud to introduce the latest collection from favorite Pyrotechnical Superhero, J.Jessee...

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Sacramento's Miles Silvas is on everybody's radar. His smooth style filmed on RED?
part is an instantly rewatchable visual treat.

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