Shake Junt - Skate Tank

9/12/14 2:23 PM

IT WAS THE SUMMER OF 2006 and Baker had just rented an apartment in Hollywood. Having the team closer together was convenient, but I was still the only one who owned a vehicle (my 2001 Saturn SL2). Dustin soon convinced the Boss Mane (Andrew) that we needed a team van for full potential.

We went to the local Ford dealership used lot and found the answer—a 2003 Ford E-350 with less than 20,000 miles at a reasonable price. We christened it the next day by taking it on a filming trip to SF. Antwuan inflicted the first damage instantly with a nose stall on the passenger foot step, causing it to sag and endanger anybody’s ankles who dared trust it to hold their weight. Later that day in traffic at the Golden Gate Bridge, I noticed another driver sharing laughs with our passengers as they rolled up a blunt. That’s when I realized we needed tint on this van asap. After returning back home to LA, it dawned on us: We’re not on a trip, but we still have a van. It’s officially like being on tour every day! We can pack in 15 skaters, stay equipped with lights, generator, product and blend in with the public like an innocent church group. We rightfully named this van “The Skate Tank." —Beagle

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