Rain Skates Wheel Chart

3/03/15 1:37 PM

Rainskates wheelsThe Rainskates wheel line-up has been expanding and filling out over the past 7 years, and has grown beyond my wildest expectations, considering I only saw the need for a "mid durometer, mid sized wheel" long ago. Thanks to input and feedback from skaters around the world, what started with the original orange Tsunami, has now become a line-up of 15 wheels, with many being offered in single, and double conical versions. 
All the Rainskates wheels are made from premium, high-rebound urethane, and feature a hard urethane core which assures precision bearing alingment, regardless of the wheels hardness. Sticking to the old school way of wheel colors relating to a specific hardness, the Rainskates wheel follow this tradition with the following formulas:
Orange/85a: A very high rebound wheel that will eat up rough terrain, without feeling mushy. This is what I call a "street wheel", that is one that will get you everywhere smoothly. Rough roads, sidewalks, nasty ditches, Mt Baldy pipeline, European cobblestones, and a ride down to your local store. Much more responsive than the usual 78a "Gummy" wheel, see what the original "Fast & Smooth" ride is like.
Green/95a: This is the second RS wheel compound, brought about by riders who wanted a harder version of the orange wheel. Very smooth & grippy on concrete, these wheels have really shown their edge on indoor surfaces, such as Masonite and Skatelite, as they keep on gripping after things get dusty and slick.
Yellow/98a: This is the formula that really put Rainskates on the map, and started showing up in parks around the country. For the past 5 years, these wheels have been ridden by some of the best riders out there, and have been consistenly praised for their winning combo of speed and grip, usually not found in this hard of a durometer.
White/101a: For those who want and need the ultimate in  performance, here it is. Best on smoother concrete, but surprisingly grippy elsewhere, this flat-spot resistant, Premium formula is as good as it gets.  Take the best of the yellow wheels, and notch it up a bit: faster, yet still predictable. 

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