Noble Park Skate Park Plans

22/12/14 3:28 PM

Noble Park Skatepark Proposal

This photo is a concept only,  Hopefully Noble Park skate park turns out like this!

The master mind behind the Noble Park plan, Jon McGrath still remembers the days when Noble Park was a hotspot for skaters who would come from far and wide to ride the stormwater drains near the train line.

The Noble Park 49-year-old has been involved in the skating world for the past 42 years and has watched the sport change dramatically.

“Thirty-five years ago there used to be 50 to 60 kids down there on a weekend all skating and people would come from all over Melbourne to go there,” he said.

The new skate park is part of stage 3 of the $21 million redevelopment the Noble Park Aquatic Centre — a joint initiative between council and state and federal governments.

 The Plaza/street course:ledges, rails and banked walls, which mimic the urban landscape

 Snake-run: The design starts shallow and progresses down gently

 Bowl/pool: Bowl riding, also known as vert skating, involves riding up a curve to a vertical wall

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