Etnies Marana

3/02/15 11:22 AM

The Marana Bloodline has come alive. The third and final Blood type (E+) has joined the family that has a prognosis for progression.
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The Etnies Marana is a shoe that lays focus on durability, cushioning and stability, to some degree at the cost of boardfeel. If you are mainly skating heavy impact spots or are aiming for maximum longevity for your buck, this shoe will suit you well.

Even though there is quite some cushioning in the tongue and heel area, the contact between foot and shoe still feels close. The shape itself is rather wide, which is great news for people with wider feet that nowadays might have a hard time finding properly-fitting models. Moreover, the broad, slightly rounded toecap provides surprisingly good flick and control.

Durability, high performance, lightweight, and comfort:
The anatomy of the Marana Bloodline.

Type E+: Lightweight with a rare genetic sequence
specialized for progression.

Type Og: Foundation of the Bloodline.
Durable and resistant to infection and wear.

Type V+: Best in board feel & classic comfort with
a resilient hunger for the streets.

With Ryan Sheckler, David Reyes & Aidan Campbell.

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