The Return Of éS Footwear

11/12/14 3:16 PM

Legendary skate shoe brand éS shocked the skate world in 2012 by announcing a  ‘Creative Retreat’ in which they would not create, sell or promote any shoes and as far as anyone was concerned, withdraw all operations.

éS is part of the Sole Technology family – the private company that founded not only éS, but also Etnies and Emerica. Speculation was rife with the reasons for the withdrawal, most notably that they weren’t able to compete with the non-skate brands that had tactfully bought their way in skateboarding over the preceding years.

After a successful Japan only release of it’s legendary Accel model back in late November 2013, the brand returned this year with an updated Accel model and a small capsule of two brand new shoes.

In éS’ prime they were unstoppable, home to the likes of Eric Koston, Arto Saari, Tom Penny, Paul Rodriguez and Bob Burnquist and throughout the late 90s and 00s they were absolutely on one, being increasingly known for their daring and creative shoe designs. They were committed to pushing the boundaries of skate shoe design and models like the Koston 3 broke the mould for what was possible and skateable without looking like you were wearing  tank on your feet.

 éS is not fighting anyone, they're providing skateboarders with an authentic alternative. A lot of the bigger corporate brands have reached the latter part of their strategy where they take their skate products into mass market retailers.  The core skate shops need a replacement to bring back the core spirit of skateboarding. That’s where éS comes in to play.


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