Advice for new skateboard users

Water Damage

If you want your skateboard to last, stay out of the water! It will rust your bearings, cause your deck to come apart (delaminate), destroy your bushings, and possibly cause your deck graphic to smear. Avoid wet conditions.

Adjustments to Completes

Since the nuts may loosen in the wearing-in period, make sure they are secure when you receive your complete. Even though all the hardware is self-locking and should stay snug, check it regularly anyway. Your trucks' king pin nuts should be tightened or loosened to turn to your liking. At first, you may notice that it seems like the trucks stick to one side or that all of the wheels don't touch the ground when you step on your deck. This is due to the new urethane bushings in the trucks. The bushings will take time to break in, depending on the amount of use the trucks receive. Also, wheels should have a slight bit of "play" without being loose.

Board Breakage

The main cause for cracks or breaks is improper foot placement when landing jumps - always try and land on the bolts!. Everyone breaks boards eventually down the track.. so unfortunately no refunds!